Ohio Automatic Merchandising Association

Strength In Numbers

The Ohio Automatic Merchandising Association (OAMA), a state council of the National Automatic Merchandising Association, is the collective voice of the automatic merchandising industry in this state. We are dedicated to promoting the common business interests and general welfare of the industry in Ohio.

Strength in numbers is particularly important when trying to influence governmental policies in our favor. When policy makers only hear a solitary voice, usually nothing happens. When they hear many voices speaking as one, they listen and respond.

There have been many accomplishments and achievements by OAMA that have helped to improve the profitability of our membership and industry. The key to our success has been this strength in numbers.

OAMA Responsibilities

  • The establishment of pre-arranged sales tax agreements whereby a vendor is permitted to remit to the state a designated percentage of overall sales as opposed to keeping track of the tax on each item sold, which would be a nightmare for the vending industry.
  • Prohibiting annual increases in local health department fees from exceeding the increase in the Consumer Price Index for the preceding year, protecting the industry from fee gouging.
  • Obtaining legislative authority for the operation of micro-markets in the state of Ohio, which is serving as a model for other states.


Members of the OAMA also benefit from membership with the Ohio Council of Retail Merchants at no additional cost. With over 6,000 members, the Council brings even greater strength in numbers into the equation.

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